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The fibersect rapidly removes the epoxy and fibers of all ferrules and connectors, including MPO/MTP® ferrules and single fiber connectors and ferrules.

Visit Phenix at Fiber Optics Center booth #3309, or schedule an appointment for a demo to learn more about our Fibersect and how it can revolutionize your multiple and single fiber connector and ferrule processing. Email us at sales@phenixfo.com.

what fibersect does

  • Quickly cuts off the epoxy from the face of all MT ferrules (4, 8, 12, 16, 24, 48, and 72 fibers) during MTP/MPO connector processing.
  • The resulting flat cut, very close to the ferrule face, presents the ideal surface for polishing, and markedly improves end face geometry.
  • Improves throughput and first pass yield by eliminating manual steps and minimizing polishing, resulting in significant savings in production.
  • Adapters can be switched to cut either 0° (flat) or 8° angled MT ferrules. Other adapters are available to cut all single fiber ferrules and connectors.
  • The small footprint and battery power of the fibersect provides exceptional portability and ease of use in the production environment.


Cut cycle time: 1-4s

Cut length:0-600 µm

Cut flatness: +/- 10 µm

Adapter changeover time: 30 s

Power supply: 100-240 Vac, 50-60 Hz + rechargeable battery

Dimension (W x D x H): 4.25 x 5.75 x 3 in, 108 x 146 x 76 mm

Weight: 2 lbs, 0.9 kg

fibersect Advantages

cuts all MT ferrules, 4 to 72 fibers

cuts flat

one button solution

superior end face geometry

palm size portability

no core cracks

battery powered

no more hand cleaving

no more denubbing

no more air polishing

a fraction of the laser cost

savings in production


US Conec endorses the use of the Phenix Fibersect.multi to cut epoxy and fibers during processing of fiber optic connectors.


Insert the ferrule in the slot

Press the red button to start the cut

Cut is completed

Step One
Step Two
Step Three

see fibersect demo


The field of fiber optics has evolved dramatically over the past 40 years, and Roger Robichaud, founder of Phenix Fiber Optics, has been a pioneer in this evolution. In 1978 he founded Orionics, the original manufacturer of fusion splicers and OTDRs in the United States. The company flourished first in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and later in Bozeman, Montana, until it was sold in 1985.

Maintaining its roots in the Rocky Mountain region, Phenix Fiber Optics was created in 2005 to pursue research in fiber instrumentation to address the advancing needs of today's industry. Our intention at Phenix Fiber Optics is to achieve excellence without compromise in fiber optics instrumentation and our method is one of attending to the highest level of details, both in development and design.

Carrying forward the spirit that drove the fiber optics industry in its earliest years, we value innovation, responsiveness to current industry needs, and the continual exploration of how to move beyond conventional practices.

Fibersect, our newest instrument, exemplifies the achievement of these goals. It provides a faster, simpler, safer and environmentally sound method of cutting multi-fiber ferrules. As part of our ongoing research, we look forward to advancing the field of fiber optics with continuing development of sophisticated and innovative instruments designed to further excellence in the industry.


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