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Our Story

Phenix Fiber Optics was founded in 2005 in Bozeman, Montana, and is leading innovation in fiber optic instrumentation. Our President, Roger Robichaud, has been a pioneer in fiber optic evolution for over 40 years. In 1978, Roger founded Orionics, the first manufacturer of fusion splicers and OTDRs in the US. Our mission at Phenix Fiber Optics is to achieve excellence without compromise in fiber optic instrumentation and our method is one of attending to the highest level of detail, both in development and design. Phenix Fiber Optics exists to provide the fiber optic industry with a different and better way of approaching fiber optic cable manufacturing. Our approach is rooted in the following values:

1. Connections to People. Fiber optics is all about the power of connecting. We work with our customers to find creative and successful solutions to their needs. We value the individuals that do this work, whether it be the team of experts and professionals at Phenix, or the executives, engineers and production line assembly people at our customer companies. We foster a culture where people can connect in a meaningful and purposeful way and be respected for their contributions. Our goal is to help your company succeed.


2. Creativity and Innovation. We strive to identify solutions for the fiber optic industry that defy convention. Our research and design process is driven by looking at the needs of the field in a new way to create instrumentation that is customer-centered. The result is instrumentation that is simple, precise, adjustable, and affordable - and moves beyond conventional practices and technologies to set a new industry standard.


3. Commitment to Customer Service. The customer drives all that we do at Phenix, and we view the end users of our instruments as key partners. Phenix recognizes that our customers’ production capabilities are critical, and we strive to provide fast, effective support to keep things running smoothly and optimally. We enjoy working with customers around their unique needs and production objectives. This process not only results in creating solutions for individual customers, but also advances product development and design that is rooted in practical application.


4. Unfaltering Quality. At Phenix Fiber Optics our goal is to achieve the highest quality standards possible. We are proud to offer instrumentation that is U.S.-manufactured and whose quality and design are rooted in decades of experience.

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